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One week to go before our ART x TECH hackathon at Central Working Whitechapel. It’s time to release the challenges from our project partners Artfinder, Sedition, Vastari and Gitoon. During the event, participants will have the option of tackling one of the challenges or pitching their own art and technology idea.

Below we’ve listed the challenges and provided more details about our project partners.


Artfinder is an online marketplace that connects talented independent artists around the world with customers looking to buy authentic, affordable art.

Jonas Almgren, CEO at Artfinder, presented the participants with the following question:

How do you gain mind share with people that are more likely to pick up wall decor at IKEA than buy a unique piece of art? How do you reach them (channels), and how do you convince them (message)?


Sedition is an online platform for collecting and enjoying limited edition digital artworks, exclusively created by some of the most important contemporary artists. Sedition securely stores your collection so you can access it anytime, anywhere, on any screen, across your devices.

Ashley Wong, Head of Programmes and Operations at Sedition set the following challenge:

How do you create platforms for distribution and presentation of digital art and new forms of art that do not sit well in the traditional gallery context? What is the business model and how do you build value for digital or intangible goods in an art market where value is often associated with a physical object?


Vastari is an online service provider for the international art world that connects private collectors and museums for temporary exhibition loans.

Bernadine Bröcker, Founder and CEO at Vastari proposed the following challenge:

All museums are trying to create ways to bring the visitors in, connect with new audiences and take their content out into the ‘real world’. Pick a museum in London and think of a new application that will interact with existing exhibitions to engage the public.

Should this use social media like Instagram and Twitter, or hidden QR codes within the museum? Should we have audio, video or photo content? Should it be a competitive game or a puzzle? Think of something to really engage the public.


Gitoon is an art showcase and peer to peer feedback platform for artists and designers.

David Zokhrabyan, Founder and CEO at Gitoon set the following challenge:

Receiving criticism is a very important component of being an artist. However, it could be a very painful process. How would you utilise technology to make receiving and giving criticism a mutually pleasant and useful experience.

We’re excited to see how participants will choose to approach some of these challenges and the innovative product, business and marketing solutions they come up with.

Ready to join us? Grab your ticket to participate in the event or attend the final presentations here

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